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Berlin is a city with unusual history, which fills here every street and building.

The most prominent sight of Berlin is Reichstag, a magnificent building, a great example of imperial architecture, the present meeting place of German parliament. Short way off Reichstag there is a reconstructed piece of the Berlin wall, a 160-kilometer concrete barrier, which in one night separated thousands of families for over 30 years. Another famous Berlin landmark is the Brandenburg Gate, built in the 18th century in Berlin classicism style. It’s the only remaining city gate of Berlin, also called the Peace Gate, as it was built to become a peace symbol.

Two churches hold special place among Berlin sights – Berlin Cathedral and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. Berlin Cathedral is the biggest protestant church in Germany, a majestic building in gothic style, decorated by sculptures and moldings from outside and by paintings and stained glass windows inside. And the sky deck of the church offers a breath taking view upon the city. Impressions from the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church are different. It used to be the tallest church in Berlin, but it was vastly damaged in an air raid during the World war II. Today the only remaining part is the partially ruined western tower. The church is not reconstructed and not demolished, as it serves as a reminder of the horrors of war.

Berlin is also famous for its museums – Museum Island, Old National Gallery, Pergamon Museum, Bode Museum and other – are a godsend for lovers of art and history.

Whatever way you choose to spend your time here – sightseeing, visiting museums, strolling along the shadowy Tiergarten or the most well-known street of Berlin Unter-den-Linden, shopping or clubbing – it’s completely up to you. But it’s beyond doubt that everyone has to visit this modern energetic city with has a lot to offer.

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