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Český Krumlov

Český Krumlov

Visiting Český Krumlov is like being a character of a fairy tale – strolling along narrow paved streets and romantic alleys, sitting on the river side or taking a walk in the castle – it’s easy to feel as a part of a legend coming to life.

This town was founded in the 13th century on both sides of the Vltava, in the place where the river makes a sharp bend, it was a crossroads of important trade routes at that time.

The historical centre of the town preserved its medieval look and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Český Krumlov Castle holds the central place among historical sights – it is the second largest castle in the Czech Republic after Prague Castle, combining gothic style with elements of baroque and renaissance. It includes 40 buildings, 5 courtyards and almost 7 ha park. A walk around the castle impresses immensely. Several bears still live in the moat in front of the castle, but they are not there to scare people away of course, quite otherwise – tourists enjoy feeding them and taking pictures. The tower of the castle offers a breath-taking view on the town, and inside the tower itself there is a lovely exhibition of renaissance paintings. Museum inside the castle includes chambers with old interiors, a lapidarium with a big collection of stone monuments, an armory, a mint.

Apart from historical heritage, Český Krumlov has a very diverse cultural life. There are plenty museums (museum of torture, museum of puppets, museum of modern art, etc.). Concerts, theatrical performances and festivals are often held in Český Krumlov, sometimes in the unique Revolving Theatre in Castle park, where bright performances take place right under the night summer sky. The Five-Petalled Rose Festival is certainly worth mentioning. It’s held in Český Krumlov in June every year, when for a few days the town turns into a medieval town: knights take part in spear running, crafts markets are opened and theatrical performances are shown all over the town.

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