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Český Šternberk

Český Šternberk

Český Šternberk was built on a high cliff over the Sazava river almost 800 years ago.

The name of the castle comes from two words: “stern” means star in German (an eight-pointed golden star was on the coat of arms of the castle’s founder Zdeslav of Divisov); the second part “berg” means mountain (referring to the cliff on which the castle stands). For a long time this castle, built in gothic style with two powerful towers in the north and south and surrounded by a deep moat, was considered unapproachable, until it was sieged and devastated by royal army during the Hussite wars. After that fortifications had to be improved. Český Šternberk was reconstructed several times under the influence of fashion: in the 17th century it acquired some baroque elements, and later at the end of the 19th century it was rebuilt in romanticist style and a park was established nearby.

Today Český Šternberk is a popular tourist destination. Multiple chambers are open to the public, where one can exhibit collections of medieval weapons, hunting trophies, furniture and crockery, paintings and old-fashioned clocks. Curious thing about Český Šternberk is that current owner of the castle comes from the family of the founder; he lives in the castle now and sometimes even conducts excursions.

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