Prague Express – What to visit in the Czech Republic – Dětenice



Dětenice is an entire historical complex consisting of a castle, a brewery, a hotel and an inn, located in the picturesque surroundings of Bohemian Paradise, just 80 km away from Prague.

In the 13th century a gothic castle was built in the village of Dětenice. During the reconstruction, which took place later, a tower was added to the castle, and some elements of baroque and renaissance appeared. Over the centuries many owners of the castle changed, and for almost a century it belonged to the the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, who left a collection of weapons and hunting trophies in the castle. It is the interior and decorations that stir special interest – original old household and interior design items were preserved there, as well as the collections of paintings, the library and the sculptures in the castle park.

The castle brewery, where one can go on an excursion and see how the beer is brewed or taste delicious fresh-brewed beer. The hotel in Dětenice is an unusual combination of medieval interior and modern comfort. But to really feel the old time atmosphere you really have to have dinner at the medieval inn. Everything – interior, decorations, costumes and manners of the waiters, dishes and kitchen utensils, special show, musical accompaniment, dances and the old ways – will carry you away to a few centuries back, and give you a chance to have a lot of fun.

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