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The Hluboká castle (Hluboká nad Vltavou)

The Hluboká castle

The Hluboká castle is rightly considered the most beautiful castle of the Czech Republic. Tourists come here in any season to feel the atmosphere of luxury and magic.

It is for a reason, that the Hluboká castle is a beloved spot for people with creative professions – filmmakers, artists and other creative professionals can be seen here either at work or in search of inspiration. Couples in love cover vast distances to come here and tie the knot in this romantic place. Snow white towers, a tremendous park, a blooming garden, winding stairs, rich exquisite interiors of huge chambers – all of it looks as if it leaped from the pages of our favorite fairy tales.

The castle was built in the 13th century on a cliff over the Vltava river, but his predecessor was quite different and was even called differently – Frauenburg. Twenty six owners of the castle changed over the first four centuries of its existence, and the initial gothic castle was reconstructed multiple times, acquiring baroque and renaissance elements.

In the 17th century the castle became property of the Schwarzenbergs, and it was Duchess Eleanor Schwarzenberg who shaped the castle into the present look. Having returned from the trip around England she decided to reconstruct the castle to make it look like Windsor Castle, and after the reconstruction it became one of the most beautiful castles not only in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe.

Today the Hluboká castle is open to the public all the year long. It has 140 rooms, which preserved their historic look. Here one can visit the kitchen, which was equipped with the most advanced technologies of that time (like a kitchen elevator or a potato-peeler), a huge dining room for 72 guests, owners’ bedroom with an encrusted bed, a unique library, an arms collection, a painting exposition. And in good weather make sure you climb up the tower, which offers a terrific view over the castle park.

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