Prague Express – What to visit in the Czech Republic – Konopiště



Among the variety of beautiful Czech castles, make sure you don’t miss famous and majestic castle Konopiště.

Castle was established in the 13th century as a fortification. It was later passed from one family to another, undergoing reconstructions in different styles under the influence of fashion, or falling into disrepair, until it became residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. Archduke decided upon yet another reconstruction, as he wanted to make Konopiště a luxurious, worthy of the future Emperor residence. As hunting was one of Archduke’s hobbies, castle was equipped with a mechanical shooting gallery, weapon and armor collection was considerably enlarged, and halls were decorated with trophies from Archduke’s hunts. Castle’s equipment was state of the art of that time – there was an elevator, water supply, sewer, electricity. An extensive English-style park with a rose garden and a bear moat was established by the castle. Today Konopiště is in property of Czech state and open to the public.

Tourists come here to experience sophistication and luxury in which the last owners of the castle lived, and to plunge in the medieval romantic atmosphere. No surprise that Konopiště is also one of the best loved venues for holding unforgettable romantic wedding ceremonies.

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