Prague Express – What to visit in Germany – Nuremberg



Nuremberg is an old medieval town, one of the German cities that attract tourists most.

For a long time it served as a royal residence, in the 19th century it became an industrial centre of Germany, a little later – the ideological centre of Nazism, and pretty soon it was the scene of trials of former German officials, responsible for the Holocaust and other war crimes.

During the World war II the city was laid to ruins, but the medieval city centre was completely reconstructed to its former look. Main sights are located in the Old Town, surrounded by a historical city wall – they include the magnificent Nuremberg Castle, the romantic buildings of St. Sebaldus and St. Laurence churches.

There are a lot of museums in Nuremberg (Germany’s largest museum of cultural history Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Modern Art Museum, Toy Museum and Transport Museum), and there is even an astronomical observatory named after Johannes Regiomontanus and a planetarium.

Hauptmarkt is the central square in Old Town with a beautiful church Frauenkirche and a gothic fountain Schöner Brunnen. And in December Hauptmarket is the site of a Christmas market, where one can taste famous gingerbread and traditional Bavarian sausages.

And if you travel with kids – make sure you visit the Zoo, which is known for its dolphinarium and polar bear Floke.

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